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Awards & Scholarships

The Origins Project provides a variety of unique awards and scholarships to students, faculty, scholars and researchers. There are a number of opportunities available that we encourage you to explore, all of which are intended to help foster education, research and collaboration related to our Mission.

The application process is currently closed. Updated information will be available soon.

Explore the available awards and scholarship opportunities below.

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Norman K. Perrill Origins Scholarship

Origins Project Scholarship Luncheon 2016 Origins Project Scholarship luncheon with ASU Professor Emeritus Dr. Norman K. Perrill.

The Origins Project at ASU offers the Norman K. Perrill Origins Scholarship. This scholarship, made possible by the generosity of ASU Professor Emeritus Dr. Norman K. Perrill, is awarded annually to an ASU student who demonstrates financial need, academic excellence, and shows academic rigor in issues of interest to the Origins Project.

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Undergraduate Student Research Support

The Origins Project will sponsor 5 ASU undergraduate students and their chosen faculty research mentors who submit proposals in a university-wide competition, to carry out Origins Project related research in their senior academic year. We will present 5 awards of $10,000 ($5K to assist the student, and $5K to assist the research program of their advisor) each year, and host a symposium at the end of the year at which students can present their research.

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Faculty Research Award

The Origins Project will sponsor a limited number ASU faculty members whose origins-related research project would benefit from additional funding. Any tenured, tenure track, research or clinical professors are welcome to apply for up to $5,000 to help provide startup or bridge funding for a research project, which may consist of any area of research that intersects with the interests of the Origins Project.

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Faculty Workshop Proposal

The Origins Project at ASU is pleased to provide an opportunity for ASU faculty to submit Origins scientific workshop proposals for consideration for funding of up to $10,000 per event. Any tenured, tenure track, research, or clinical professors are welcome to submit a proposal for an Origins Project scientific workshop, in research areas that intersect with the interests of the Origins Project.

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Origins Postdoctoral Lectureship Award

The Origins Project annually honors an outstanding postdoctoral researcher whose research is relevant to the mission of the Origins Project, from any country in the world. This program brings the winning candidate to Arizona State University for a week to share their expertise through lectures to faculty, students, and the general public. This prestigious $10,000 award is the largest of its kind in the world. 

Congratulations to Dr. Maria Drout, the 2018 Origins Project Postdoctoral Lectureship Award winner! Join us for Maria's public lecture https://origins.asu.edu/events/lecture-astronomical-alchemy-origin-elements on October 25, 2018!

Past winners include Zachary Adam, Adrian Liu and Aomawa Shields.

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Origins Project Internships

The Origins Project offers student internships during Fall, Spring and Summer terms. These positions vary in scope of work, including event support, writing, marketing, and administrative.

Learn more about internships and other student volunteer positions on our student webpage.

Check back for positions for 2018-2019. Email Origins.Project@asu.edu with questions.